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It contains pictures of many South African plants as well as the South African planting zones.  Also contains a large amount of information about planting and germinating South African plants

This site illustrates 1580 species of Southern African plants using over 12 000 photos

An unsolicted variety of comments from existing customers of Silverhill seeds

This organisation is open to anyone and covers bulbs from all over the world.  A good resource for people who are interested in bulbs of the workd

Organic certified vegetable and her seeds

Heirloom veregable seeds

An organisation for carnivorous plant lovers!  Note, this is a German site and you may have to use a translation app

Information on Lithops for all those interested in growing these fascinating plants

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Australian quarantine regulations (BICON).  This site gives a list of plants that are allowed into Australia

Details of when lots of seeds may be imported without a  phytosanitary certificate

Import requirements for plants, plant produce and products

Rules concerning official controls to be carried out by the Competent Authorities in each Member State as regards protective measures against the introduction of organisms harmful to plants and plant products and against their spread

Regulations when bringing plants into Japan from another country