Meet the team



She has worked at Silverhill on and off since she was about 20, while at University studying Chemical engineering. The most meticulous bookkeeper that anyone could wish for. She has a young Daughter (Islay) so only works a few mornings a week.


Livestock Farmer

Is a very keen gardener and has worked in the retail nursery trade and landscaping for many years. And will take any seeds we are discarding “just to try them”


Livestock Farmer

Trained as a draughts-woman and has done many different creative bits and pieces from home (cake making being her main focus), until she came to work at Silverhill and is now broadening her plant knowledge.


Livestock Farmer

Has worked at Silverhill for 22 years, gaining a HUGE amount of knowledge from Rod and Rachel. She is a Horticulturist by trade and worked in both retail and wholesale/growing nurseries to start off. She has 1 husband, 2 children, 5 cats and 2 dogs.



Regina is one of our dynamic duo in the seed cleaning team.  She keeps our constant supply of fresh seeds cleaned and packed away and is quickly learning new techniques for everything from Drosera to Protea and bulbs in-between.  A mom to 3 girls and a boy, her soft spoken nature and constant laughter is wonderful in the office.


Livestock Farmer

Dorothy is the other half of the seed cleaning dynamic duo.  She too keeps our constant supply of fresh seeds cleaned and is always eager to learn about the seeds she is processing.  A mom to 3 boys and a girl and a natural leader, she drives the team to keep up with the constant inflow of fresh seed.


Livestock Farmer

Julia comes from a Nature Conservation background and also worked at the Millennium Seed Bank at Kirstenbosch.  She has 3 small boys under the age of 8 and a wonderful husband who is always on hand to help.  With her organisational skills, we should be on top of not only the office, but the seed hunting too!  We welcome her to the family and hope she is with us for many years to come.

In loving memory of the people who made Silverhill Seeds what it is today

Rod Saunders

Livestock Farmer

Rod was a Horticulturist and worked at The Wilds in Johannesburg for may years until he was offered a job as nursery manager at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  His big booming voice was well known during the Kirstenbosch plant sales every year.  He left Kirstenbosch and joined Rachel to start collecting seeds from all corners of South Africa and drove may kilometres on each trip.  Rod loved photographing the plants they saw and would come home with an SD card full of photos that Rachel would sort and catalogue. 

Rachel Saunders

Livestock Farmer

Rachel was qualified as microbiologist and worked at University of Cape Town for many years.  They bought Parsleys Seeds in about 1995 and changed the name to Silverhill Seeds as they lived in Silverhill Crescent, and she was going to run it as a “side” business while Rod was at Kirstenbosch.  It soon got too big for her on her own and Rod left Kirstenbosch and joined her to build Silverhill Seeds to what it is today.  All the pictures on this website are a huge thank you to her and Rod as they were both prolific photographers.

Anthony Hitchcock


Worked at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden since 1983 and as the Nursery Manager for the last 10 years until he retired. He jumped in with both feet to work with us after the death of Rod and Rachel and worked tirelessly until his untimely death, we miss his smile and constant teasing.