Collecting Seeds


At Silverhill Seeds we travel around Southern Africa in our quest for seeds. However, much of our work is carried out in South Africa, from the mountains of the Cape to the craggy heights of the Drakensberg. We deal only in fresh seed. When stock runs out, we wait until the next harvest. When harvesting seeds, we ensure that we never damage or deplete nature’s bounty. The selection of seeds on offer is comprehensive. You can view our online shop here or browse our different categories:

At any stage, you’ll be able to view a key to abbreviations for the terminology, such as climate or seasons, that are used in the description of plants.

Next to each plant name is a short description of the plant. To save space, several abbreviations have been used. These are as follows:

Su = summer

Au = autumn

Wi = winter

Sp = spring

fl Su = flowers in summer

ann = annual

perenn = perennial
decid = deciduous

evergr = evergreen 

succ = succulent

lvs = leaves

sun = likes sun

wet/water = grows in wet areas

arid, dry = grows in arid or dry areas

fl = flower

dry/cut fl = good dry or cut flower

all yr = all year

conspic = conspicuous

frost sens = frost sensitive

pot = does well in a pot or container

med = medicinal

fast = fast growing

coast = does well at the coast

hardy = can withstand frost & cold 

Medit. climate = does well in Mediterranean areas

 Eur, Aust, Madagas = comes from Europe, Australia or Madagascar, 

* = seeds must be ordered in advance

Zone = USDA Zone of hardiness.