Silverhill Book Catalogue 27 January 2021 (by category)

Botanical Revisions

A Synopsis of the o Lotononis   van Wyk B-E   1991  ISBN 0799213187
 US$ 8.00 postage 13.00
  292pp, a revision of the genus (150 species) based on morphology, chemistry & cytology, includes keys, maps & line drawings (Contributions from the Bolus Herbarium no. 14)
Blepharis - A taxonomic Revision   Vollesen, K   2000  ISBN 1900347938
 US$ 87.00 postage 10.00
  342pp, 126 species described & illustrated, the first revision since 1937, over 30 new species described.
Crotalaria in Africa & Madagascar   Polhill, R   1982  ISBN 9061910900
 US$ 72.00 postage 16.00
  389pp, line dwgs, keys, maps for about 500 species.
Flora Zambesiaca Vol 1 Part 2   Exell, A & H Wild (ed)   1961
 US$ 7.00 postage 5.00
  Revisions of Caryophyllaceae, Illecebraceae, Portulacaceae, Elatinaceae, Guttiferae, Theaceae, Dipterocarpaceae, Malvaceae, Bombacaceae, Sterculiaceae.
Impatiens of Africa   Grey-Wilson, C   1980
 US$ 40.00 postage 15.00
  235pp, 51 col. pl., many line dwgs, maps.
Revision of Albizia (in Bothalia (1958) Vol 7 part 1, p 67)   Bothalia Codd, L   1958
 US$ 1.00 postage 5.00
  15pp of revision, key to species & description of each one.
Revision of Aspalathus (in Flora of Southern Africa Vol 16 Part 3 Fascicle 6)   Flora of SA, Dahlgren, R   1988  ISBN 0621112631
 US$ 5.00 postage 14.00
  430pp, revision of the large genus Aspalathus with many line drawings & distribution maps.
Revision of Caesalpinioideae (in Flora of Southern Africa Vol 16 Part 2)   Flora SA Ross, J (ed)   1977  ISBN 0621038326
 US$ 2.00 postage 5.00
  138pp, revision of genera such as Tylosema, Schotia, Cassia, Brachystegia etc, line draings, habitat information.
Revision of Convolvulaceae (in Flora of Southern Africa (2000) Vol 28 pt 1)   Flora SA Meeuse, A & Welman, W   2000  ISBN 1919795480
 US$ 6.00 postage 5.00
  138pp, revision of the family, 16 genera & 114 sp described.
Revision of Cryptogams (in Flora of Southern Africa Vol 9)   Flora of SA Leistner, OA (ed)   1978
 US$ 3.00 postage 3.00
  56pp, this volume deals with the family Characeae, includes keys & many black & white drawings of the various genera & species.
Revision of Eriocephalus & Lasiospermum (Flora of Southern Africa Vol 33 part 4)   Flora SA Muller, M, P Herman & H Kolberg   2001
 US$ 4.00 postage 4.00
  73pp, revision of 32 species of Eriocephalus & 4 of Lasiospermum, line drawings, keys, maps etc.
Revision of Lamiaceae (in Flora of Southern Africa (1985) Vol 28 pt 4)   Flora of SA, Codd, L   1985
 US$ 3.00 postage 8.00
  247pp, revision of the family, 37 genera & 232 sp described.
Revision of Loranthaceae & Viscaceae (in Flora of SA Vol 10 part 1)   Flora SA Wiens,D & Tolken, H   1979  ISBN 621047260
 US$ 2.00 postage 4.00
  58pp, revision of these 2 genera with full descriptions, bl/w drawings, distribution maps.
Revision of Mimosoideae (in Flora of Southern Africa Vol 16 Part 1)   Flora SA Ross. J (ed)   1975  ISBN 0621022632
 US$ 2.00 postage 6.00
  168pp, revision of Acacia, Albizia, Entada, Elephantorrhiza, etc with maps & line drawings.
Revision of Tetradenia and Mentha (in Bothalia Vol 14 no.2)   Bothalia Codd, L   1983
 US$ 4.00 postage 8.00
  12 pp, revisions of both genera including keys & line drawings.
Revision of the genus Aloe (Flora of southern Africa, Vol 5 Part 1 Fascicle 1)   Flora SA Glen, H & D Hardy   2000  ISBN 1919795499
 US$ 10.00 postage 8.00
  167pp, a revision of the genus Aloe in South Africa, b/w illustrations, maps and descriptions.
Revision of the genus Merciera (Campanulaceae) (in Bothalia (2006) Vol 36, part 1)   Bothalia Cupido, C   2006  ISBN 0068241
 US$ 2.00 postage 5.00
  11pp, descriptions of 6 species of the genus with line drawings & distribution maps.
Revision of the genus Rhus (Flora of Southern Africa Vol 19, part 3, fascicle 1)   Flora SA Moffett, R   1993  ISBN 1874907234
 US$ 4.00 postage 5.00
  129pp, 72 species described, black & white illustrations
Revision of the South African Convolvulaceae (in Bothalia (1957) Vol 6 part 4)   Bothalia Meeuse, A   1957
 US$ 3.00 postage 5.00
  151pp, revision of the family, descriptions and keys.
Revision of Tiliaceae (in Flora of SA Vol 21 Part 1)   Flora SA Wild, H   1984  ISBN 0621082562
 US$ 4.00 postage 3.00
  44pp, revision of the 4 genera Grewia, Sparmannia, Corchorus and Triumfetta in SA, line dwgs, maps.
The Cape genus Lachnaea (Thymelaeaceae): a monograph (Strelitzia 11)   Beyers, J   2001  ISBN 1919795529
 US$ 5.00 postage 8.00
  115pp, revision of the genus, line drawings (Strelitzia 11)
The Southern African Plectranthus   van Jaarsveld, E   2006  ISBN 9781874950806
 US$ 55.00 postage 16.00
  176pp, the 1st major work on Plectranthus, info on cultivation, distribution and detailed descrip of each species, each species illus by Vicki Thomas, a beautiful new book.

Botanical Society Field Guides

SA wild flower guide no. 1: Namaqualand   Le Roux, A   2005  ISBN 1874999309
 US$ 16.00 postage 13.00
  336p, revised ed, many new photos, new text and more species described.
SA wild flower guide no. 12: Wild Flowers of the Table Mountain National Park   Trinder-Smith, T et al   2006  ISBN 1874999600
 US$ 16.00 postage 13.00
  314pp, a new book to replace Guide no. 3 "Cape Peninsula", new more detailed text, pictures are now arranged taxonomically (by family) with some new drawings by Fay Anderson, a beautiful book.
SA wild flower guide no. 2: Outeniqua, Tsitsikamma & Eastern Little Karoo   Moriarty, A   1997  ISBN 1874999147
 US$ 9.00 postage 10.00
  224pp, all col.ill.
SA wild flower guide no. 5: Stellenbosch to Hermanus   Bean, A & Johns, A   2005  ISBN 1874999589
 US$ 16.00 postage 14.00
  338pp, a beautifully updated version of the long out of print "Hottentot's Holland to Hermanus", many more species described and illustrated with clear photos and line drawings.
SA wild flower guide no. 6: Karoo   Shearing, D   1994  ISBN 187499904X
 US$ 16.00 postage 7.00
  192pp, all col. pl. of 400 species by K van Heerden.
SA wild flower guide no. 7: West Coast   Manning, J & P Goldblatt   1996  ISBN 1874999112
 US$ 16.00 postage 11.00
  240pp, all, many bulbous plants included.
SA wild flower guide no. 8: Southern Overberg   Mustart, P et al   1997  ISBN 1874999155
 US$ 10.00 postage 10.00
  270pp., all col.ill.
SA wild flower guide no. 9: Nieuwoudtville, Bokkeveld & Hantam   Manning, J & P Goldblatt   2002  ISBN 1874999171
 US$ 16.00 postage 10.00
  204pp., all colour photos, covers a large number of plants from this interesting area. 1 2nd hand copy available at R120
Wild Flowers of Namaqualand - A Botanical Society Guide   le Roux, A   2015  ISBN 9781775841319
 US$ 22.00 postage 15.00
  480pp, 4th edition, almost 600 species described & illustrated with colour photos, many new species since the last edition.

Botswana Guides

Common wild flowers of the Okavango Delta   Roodt, V   1998  ISBN 9991202420
 US$ 5.00 postage 7.00
  170pp., col.ill., medicinal & spiritual uses, nutritional value.
Field Guide to the Plants of Northern Botswana including the Okavango Delta   Heath, Alison & Roger   2009  ISBN 9781842461839
 US$ 122.00 postage 18.00
  593pp, 2400 photographs of 530 flowering plants of the area, plus information on uses & beliefs around the plants.
Trees & Shrubs of the Okavango Delta   Roodt, V   1998  ISBN 9991202412
 US$ 5.00 postage 8.00
  213pp, col. ill., medicinal and nutritional uses.

Bulbous Plants

A Revision of the genus Haemanthus   Snijman, D   1984
 US$ 55.00 postage 10.00
  139pp, 23 colour plates by E. Ward-Hilhorst, comprehensive revision of the genus.
A revision of the South African species of Gladiolus   Lewis, G & A Obermeyer   1972  ISBN 360001556
 US$ 29.00 postage 16.00
  316pp, 32 col. plates, the original revision of this genus, very scarce.
A Revision of the Southern African genus Babiana, Iridaceae: Crocoideae (Strelitzia 18)   Goldblatt, P & J Manning   2007  ISBN 9781919976327
 US$ 8.00 postage 5.00
  98pp, a long awaited new revision of the genus (last published in 1959!), 88 species (as opposed to 66 described previously) described, maps, b/w line dwgs & colour plates.
Botany and horticulture of the genus Freesia (Strelitzia 27)   Manning, J & P. Goldblatt   2011  ISBN 9781919976587
 US$ 7.00 postage 5.00
  114 pp, a combination taxonomic & horticultural work including colour paintings and photographs for each of the 16 species, a beautiful new book.
Crocosmia and Chasmanthe   Goldblatt, P et al   2004  ISBN 0881926515
 US$ 14.00 postage 12.00
  219pp, botanical & horticultural information combined - revision of the 2 genera + descriptions of all selections & hybrids produced over the years, colour paintings & pencil sketches by Auriol Batten.
Dierama - The Hairbells of Africa   Hilliard, O & B Burtt   1991
 US$ 64.00 postage 15.00
  152pp, 44 full page colour drawings by A Batten, keys to species, a beautiful book.
Gladiolus in Southern Africa   Goldblatt, P & J Manning   1998  ISBN 1874950326
 US$ 31.00 postage 21.00
  320pp, 144 full p. col. Pl. by F Anderson & A Batten, line dwgs., comprehensive work. One 2nd hand copy available.
Gladiolus in Tropical Africa   Goldblatt, P   1996  ISBN 0881923338
 US$ 18.00 postage 16.00
  321 pp, 41 col. photos, 61 line dwgs. by J Manning, 82 species of which 26 are new.
Grow Bulbs   Duncan, G   2010  ISBN 9781919684567
 US$ 18.00 postage 14.00
  390pp, an excellent new book on growing SA native bulbs/corms, hundreds of colour photos, detailed growing information on hundreds of species.
Kniphofia - The complete Guide   Whitehouse, C   2016  ISBN 9781907057670
 US$ 55.00 postage 19.00
  440pp, a comprehensive guide to all 70 species & 160 of the cultivars of the genus, beautifully illustrated with many colour photos. Includes information on identification, localities, flowering periods, etc.
Revision of Kniphofia (Flora of Southern Africa Vol 5 Part 1 Fascicle 2)   Flora of SA, Codd L   2005  ISBN 1919976035
 US$ 5.00 postage 5.00
  94pp, Dr Codd completed the revision of Kniphofia in the late 1980s, and this fascicle includes his work plus that of later research (up to 2003), includes new line drawings and new key.
Spring and Winter Flowering Bulbs of the Cape   Jeppe, B   1989  ISBN 0195705351
 US$ 55.00 postage 17.00
  2nd hand -143pp, 62 full page colour plates depicting over 420 species, beautiful botanical art, long out of print.
Systematics & Biology of Lapeirousia, Codonorhiza, Psilisiphon & Schizorhiza in southern Africa (Strelitzia 35)   Goldblatt, P & J Manning   2015  ISBN 9781928224020
 US$ 11.00 postage 6.00
  146pp, a full revision of all 4 genera (3 tropical African genera + Lapeirousia), line drawings, colour plates, new species described.
Systematics and Biology of the Cape genus Sparaxis   Goldblatt, P & J Manning   2013  ISBN 9781919976891
 US$ 5.00 postage 4.00
  76pp, a new revision of the genus, includes colour photos of all species, includes full description, distribution, etc
Systematics of Drimia Jacq. (Hyacinthaceae Urgineoideae) in Southern Africa Strelitzia 40   Manning J & Peter Goldblatt
 US$ 22.00 postage 0.00
  A taxonomic revision of the genus Drimia in Southern Africa. Recognising 70 species with 61 endemic to the region. Describing 8 new species. Full species descriptions, notes on ecology, distribution maps with line drawings of almost half the species.
Systematics of the genus Daubenya (Bothalia (2002) Vol 32, part 2)   Bothalia Manning, J & A van der Merwe   2002
 US$ 9.00 postage 8.00
  18pp, descriptions and illustrations of all 8 species.
Systematics of the Southern African genus Geissorhiza   Goldblatt, P   1985
 US$ 10.00 postage 5.00
  171pp, revision of the genus, 12 col. pl., 69 ill. by M Branch. Reprint of original.
The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs   Manning, J et al   2002  ISBN 0881925470
 US$ 35.00 postage 20.00
  486pp, the first complete account of all bulbous and cormous plants of the Cape Floral region, illus with colour photos of more than half the species, a superb new book
The genus Lachenalia   Duncan, G   2012  ISBN 9781842463826
 US$ 129.00 postage 19.00
  479pp, first complete illustrated monograph, 133 species described & illustrated with 280 photos & 39 paintings, maps for each sp, info on cultivation, pests, etc.
The genus Watsonia   Goldblatt, P   1989  ISBN 0620125179
 US$ 26.00 postage 14.00
  148pp, 25 full pg col. Paintings, line dwgs, maps (Annals of Kirstenbosch, Vol. 19). 1 2nd hand copy available. Please ask for price.
The Moraeas of Southern Africa   Goldblatt, P   1986  ISBN 0620099747
 US$ 25.00 postage 19.00
  224pp, 60 col. ill. by F Anderson, 150 line dwgs. (Annals of Kirstenbosch, Vol. 14).
The Woody Iridaceae- Nivenia, Klattia & Witsenia   Goldblatt, P   1993
 US$ 31.00 postage 8.00
  139pp, 13 full page colour plates by F Anderson, line dwgs. by M Branch, maps.


Creative Gardening with Indigenous Plants - a SA Guide   Joffe, P   2001  ISBN 187509329X
 US$ 16.00 postage 13.00
  372pp, many col. pl., cult. details, excellent new book.
Easy Guide to Indigenous Shrubs   Joffe, Pitta   2003  ISBN 1875093400
 US$ 10.00 postage 6.00
  128pp, 96 species described & fully illus with large colour photos, lots of propagation information (growing from seeds & cuttings, soil mixes etc), an extremely useful new book.
Forest Plants - In the Forest and in the Garden   Pooley, E   2006  ISBN 9780620370127
 US$ 6.00 postage 6.00
  72pp, about 200 forest species described & illustrated with photos, includes some forest birds & animals.
Grow Agapanthus   Duncan, G   1998  ISBN 1919684387
 US$ 3.00 postage 5.00
  32pp, all col. ill. (Kirstenbosch Gardening Series).
Grow Bulbs   Duncan, G   2000  ISBN 1919684263
 US$ 3.00 postage 5.00
  64pp, all col. ill (Kirstenbosch Gardening Series).
Grow Clivias   Duncan, G   2008  ISBN 9781919684512
 US$ 9.00 postage 8.00
  194pp, new updated version, includes many pictures and info on species & hybrids, plus cultivation details.
Grow Cycads   Donaldson, J & J. Winter   1998  ISBN 1919684360
 US$ 3.00 postage 5.00
  32pp, all col. ill. (Kirstenbosch Gardening Series).
Grow Disas   Crous, H & G Duncan   2006  ISBN 1919684506
 US$ 6.00 postage 5.00
  119pp, a practical guide to the cultivation & propagation of evergreen & deciduous Disa species, many colour photos & detailed info for many species, excellent guide. (Kirstenbosch Gardening Series)
Grow Fynbos Plants   Brown, N & G Duncan   2006  ISBN 191968445X
 US$ 11.00 postage 10.00
  240pp, a practical book describing cultivation (from seed & cuttings) of restios, ericas, proteas, bulbs, succulents & annuals found in the fynbos, plus smoke treatment of seeds.
Grow Nerines   Duncan, G   2002  ISBN 1919684336
 US$ 4.00 postage 5.00
  77pp, many photos, descriptions, cultivation tips (Kirstenbosch Gardening Series).
Grow Proteas   Duncan, G et al   2013  ISBN 9781919976808
 US$ 9.00 postage 5.00
  190pp, 2nd ed, over 60 pages of general information on growing Proteaceae, 100 pages on species suitable for gardens, pots, etc. Many colour pictures & info on diseases, cultivation, etc. Kirstenbosch Gardening Series.
Grow Restios   Brown, N et al   1998  ISBN 1919684425
 US$ 2.00 postage 5.00
  32pp, all col. ill (Kirstenbosch Gardening Series).
Grow Succulents   Oliver, I   2005  ISBN 1919684468
 US$ 4.00 postage 4.00
  62pp, revised ed., colour photos, info on diseases, soil, containers, propagation methods, etc. (Kirstenbosch Gardening Series).
Indigenous beginnings   Kearney, A   2008  ISBN 9781919992945
 US$ 11.00 postage 6.00
  128pp, a practical book on gardening with native SA plants, each species (about 100) illustrated by photos, plus information on soil, feeding, planting, propagation, covers annuals, bulbs, perennials, trees and shrubs.
The new Growing the Mesembs   Storms, E   1986
 US$ 3.00 postage 4.00
  58pp, many colour photos, 10 pages of detailed information on growing mesembs, brief descriptions of genera.


Identification of indigenous cycads of South Africa   Hugo, C   2016  ISBN 9780620552073
 US$ 31.00 postage 7.00
  142 pages, a practical easy-to-use guide for identification of cycads, mainly using leaf characteristics. Many clear photographs.


A Catalogue of Problem Plants in SA   Wells, M et al   1986  ISBN 0621096881
 US$ 1.00 postage 21.00
  658pp, list of spp, undesirable characteristics.
Barrier plants of Southern Africa   Henderson, L   1987  ISBN 0621103381
 US$ 2.00 postage 5.00
  Lists of species of native SA plants that can be used for "barrier" plantings. Memoirs of the Bot Survey of SA no. 55
Commercialising Medicinal Plants - A Southern African Guide   Diederichs, N (ed)   2006
 US$ 14.00 postage 10.00
  216pp, 13 chapters by various auhors on subjects such as farming medicinal plants, chemistry & pharmacology, processing, marketing & info on the plants.
Edible wild plants of sub-saharan Africa   Peters, C et al   1992  ISBN 9780947643515
 US$ 48.00 postage 10.00
  240pp, checklist of plants used by people and other primates as food, for each species the book mentions the part of plant eaten, many references.
Karoo Veld - Ecology and Management   Esler, K et al (ed)   2006  ISBN 1875093524
 US$ 11.00 postage 12.00
  214pp, a guide compiled to assist land users to apply good veld management techniques, many col photos incl 138 plant species, line drawings, graphs.
Medicinal and Magical Plants of southern Africa: an annotated checklist   Arnold, T et al   2002  ISBN 1919795626
 US$ 7.00 postage 13.00
  203pp, list of species known to have med or magical properties, large reference list.
Medicinal plants of South Africa   van Wyk, B et al   2009  ISBN 9781875093373
 US$ 21.00 postage 13.00
  304pp, over 500 col. photos, 300 spp, pharmaceutical.
Medicinal Plants of the World   van Wyk, B-E & M Wink   2004
 US$ 27.00 postage 18.00
  480pp, over 320 medicinal plants described including uses & properties, active ingredients & dosages, over 800 colour photos.
People's Plants   van Wyk, B & N Gericke   2000  ISBN 9781875093199
 US$ 16.00 postage 15.00
  351pp, many col. photos, guide to useful plants.
Plant Invaders - beautiful but dangerous   Stirton,C (ed)   1987  ISBN 0798400943
 US$ 3.00 postage 8.00
  168pp, many photographs, maps 7 line drawings, a guide to the identification & control of 26 plant invaders in the Cape.
Poisonous plants in SA gardens and parks   Munday, J   1988  ISBN 0908387571
 US$ 5.00 postage 5.00
  142pp, 16 & many line dwgs by J van Gogh.
Poisonous plants of SA that cause stock losses   Vahrmeijer, J   1981  ISBN 0624014592
 US$ 2.00 postage 8.00
  168 pp, col. plates, about 80 species described & illustrated, includes toxicology & control of the plant.
Poisonous Plants of South Africa   van Wyk, B et al   2002  ISBN 1875093303
 US$ 19.00 postage 13.00
  288pp, full colour photos, pharmacological effects, chemical structure of toxins, includes both native & exotic plant species.
South African Parasitic flowering Plants   Visser, J   1981  ISBN 0702112283
 US$ 11.00 postage 16.00
  177pp, 220 col. pl., maps.
The Medicinal & Poisonous plants of Southern Africa   Watt, J & M Breyer-Brandwijk   1932
 US$ 162.00 postage 18.00
  314 pp in this 1st edition, brings together all the information known up till the 1930s on popular remedies & plants poisonous to man & animals. 2nd edition is widely used.
Veld Medicine from the Klein Karoo   de Jager, S   2010  ISBN 9780620472630
 US$ 14.00 postage 6.00
  100 pp, 119 species discussed & illustrated, includes recipes & uses for the plants, very user-friendly book.
Weeds of Crops & Gardens in Southern Africa   Grabandt, K   1985  ISBN 0620087617
 US$ 16.00 postage 18.00
  135 species of "weeds" commonly found in SA, their description, reproduction & control, produced by Ciba Geigy.


Cape Peninsula Ferns   Roux, J   1979  ISBN 062003775X
 US$ 0.00 postage 5.00
  66pp, line dwgs, keys.
Ferns of the Witwatersrand   Hancock, F & A Lucas   1973  ISBN 0854941967
 US$ 22.00 postage 12.00
  94pp, 32 black & white line drawings + 3 colour, key to species plus descriptions.
The Ferns & Fern Allies of Southern Africa   Jacobsen, W   1983  ISBN 0409098361
 US$ 85.00 postage 18.00
  542pp, b/w photos, line dwgs, keys, fern habitats, ex library copy.


Field Guide to Fynbos (2007 edition)   Manning, J   2007  ISBN 9781770072657
 US$ 21.00 postage 12.00
  504 pp, describes more than 1100 species each illustrated by photographs by Colin Paterson Jones, keys to species, lovely new book.
Fynbos: South Africa's unique Floral Kingdom   Cowling, R & D Richardson   1995  ISBN 1874950105
 US$ 18.00 postage 17.00
  156pp, 340 col. Pl, maps. 1 second hand copy at R190.
Restios of the Fynbos   Dorrat, E & P Linder   2012
 US$ 17.00 postage 8.00
  Revised edition, 212pp, full colour scans of live material, descriptions of species, propagation information.


Acocks' Notes: key grasses of South Africa   Zacharias, P   1990  ISBN 0620142820
 US$ 3.00 postage 11.00
  Facsimile of original work, many line dwgs, maps, photos.
Guide to grasses of southern Africa   van Oudsthoorn, F
 US$ 38.00 postage 12.00
  290pp, revised ed, describes 320 grasses, over 1000 colour photos, very comprehensive
Identification guide to southern African grasses (Strelitzia 36)   Fish, L et al   2015  ISBN 9781928224006
 US$ 32.00 postage 28.00
  798pp, identification manual with keys, maps & descriptions, many line drawings & photos, excellent glossary explaining botanical terms.
The Grasses and Pastures of South Africa   Meredith, D (ed)   1955
 US$ 33.00 postage 20.00
  771pp, text & illustrations, plates & map.

History of botany in SA and Botanical Art

A Botanist in Southern Africa   Hutchinson, J   1946
 US$ 42.00 postage 19.00
  686pp, the book details the botanical expeditions of Dr Hutchinson of Kew in the 1920s & 1930s, many illustrations & bl & wh photographs, torn dust jacket.
Arabella Roupell - Pioneer Artist of Cape Flowers   Bird, A   1975
 US$ 55.00 postage 16.00
  A re-issue of the 12 plates of "More Cape Flowers by a Lady" plus 2 new flower studies by Arabella Roupell, a beautiful book of paintings from the 1840s.
Botanical Exploration of Southern Africa - ed 2 (Strelitzia 26)   Glen, F & G Germishuizen   2010  ISBN 9781919976549
 US$ 18.00 postage 18.00
  490pp, revised ed of original Gunn & Codd, includes history of plant collecting from 1750s onwards, followed by dictionary of plant collectors, very interesting book.
Children of the hours   Letty, C   1981  ISBN 0949937983
 US$ 13.00 postage 11.00
  63pp, 23 full page beautiful col. pl., 24 poems, botanical art.
Flora Herscheliana - Sir John and Lady Herschel at the Cape 1834 to 1838   Warner, B & J Rourke   1996
 US$ 240.00 postage 20.00
  295pp, a superb publication by the Brenthurst Press, 112 of the Herschel's botanical paintings are reproduced with a fascinating account of their stay in the Cape.
Flower Paintings of Katherine Saunders   Bayer, A   1979
 US$ 72.00 postage 22.00
  343pp, 08 colour plates, a collector's piece, folio size plates of botanical art.
Flowers of Southern Africa   Batten, A   1986  ISBN 186812133X
 US$ 125.00 postage 24.00
  401pp, 100 full page water colour illustrations of plants with black & white backgrounds, opposite a full page of descriptive text, a beautiful book by a superb botanical artist.
More Cape Flowers by a Lady - The Paintings of Arabella Roupell   Bird, A   1964
 US$ 50.00 postage 14.00
  A. Roupell visited the Cape in the 1840s & she painted many of the flowers she collected. This is the 2nd publication of her work - it includes 12 paintings with text by A Bird. Slight damage to dust jacket.
South Africa is my Garden   Jeppe, B   1984  ISBN 0908387482
 US$ 7.00 postage 8.00
  46pp, 24 watercolours illustrating 150 species with handwritten text by the author, a lovely book.


Ecology Concepts and applications Eighth edition   Molles Jr Manuel C and Sher Anna A  ISBN 9781260085150
 US$ 127.00 postage 0.00
  This book provides a conceptual foundation that will prepare the reader to appreciate the intricate connections between organisms and their environment.
Insects of Southern Africa   Picker, Mike ,Griffths, Charles   2019  ISBN 9781775845843
 US$ 43.00 postage 0.00
  A most complete guide to the region's insects. The third revised addition, featuring more than 1,500 species and insect groups. Vivid colour photographs as well as identification, biology, distribution and related species.
List of 21 HERBERTIA JOURNALS   Herbertia
 US$ 8.00 postage 0.00
  A variety of journals please request a list.
Mind-altering & Poisonous Plants of the World   Wink Michael & Van Wyk Ben-Erik   2008
 US$ 25.00 postage 0.00
  A bird's eye view of all the famous and well-known poisonous and mind altering plants of the world. Compact, colourful and scientifically accurate reference text. More than 550 superb colour photographs. Also includes information on first aid treatment.
Miombo Woodlands Part 1 (Ferns & Monocots) and Part 2 (Dicots)   Vollesen K & Merrett L   2019  ISBN 9781949677119
 US$ 170.00 postage 0.00
  Field Guide to the (wetter) Zambian Miombo Woodland offers an understanding of wetter miombo vegetation that is typically characterised by two-storeyed vegetation type with a sparse ground layer.Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs,

Namibian Guides

Le Roux and Müller's Field Guide to the Trees & Shrubs of Namibia (2018 edition)   Mannheimer, C & B Curtis (eds)   2018  ISBN 9789991628219
 US$ 37.00 postage 15.00
  546pp, full colour photographic guide to over 400 sp of trees & shrubs, includes keys to families, genera & species, photos of bark, lvs, flowers & fruit, excellent book.
Wild Flowers of the Central Highlands   Burke, A   2007  ISBN 9789991640686
 US$ 9.00 postage 4.00
  120pp, 71 sp from the high area around Windhoek described & illustrated, info on habitats, plant uses, etc
Wildflowers of the Central Highlands of Namibia   Mannheimer, C   2012  ISBN 9789991625584
 US$ 17.00 postage 12.00
  490 pp, covers 450 species of Namibian plants including grasses, ferns & some shrubs, 100s of photos, excellent new book.

Natural History

Beeplants of South Africa (Strelitzia 37)   Johannsmeier, M   2016  ISBN 9781928224174
 US$ 43.00 postage 22.00
  550pp, a book detailing sources of nectar, pollen, honeydew & propolis for honeybees, includes vast amounts of information for indigenous and some plants that have been introduced into SA, illustrated by many photos.
Between Two Shores - Flora & Fauna of The Cape of Good Hope   Fraser, M & L McMahon   1994  ISBN 0864862245
 US$ 9.00 postage 14.00
  192pp, photos & watercolour paintings illustrating the diversity of the wild life of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, plus informative text.
East of the Cape: Conserving Eden   Cowling, R & S Pierce   2009  ISBN 9781874950844
 US$ 26.00 postage 16.00
  166pp, describes the plants, people & animals of the Eastern Cape, including rainforest, karoo, fynbos, grassland & thicket. Includes superb photos of hundreds of plant species.
Life Histories of the South African Lycaenid Butterflies   Clark, G & C Dickson   1971  ISBN 360001394
 US$ 26.00 postage 14.00
  272pp, 108 beautiful colour plates showing complete life histories of 125 species of butterfly, information on food plants, distribution ranges, etc.
Namaqualand   Cubitt, G   1987  ISBN 0869775278
 US$ 2.00 postage 5.00
  24pp, full, pictorial journey through Namaqualand.
Namaqualand - A Succulent Desert   Cowling, R & S. Pierce   1999  ISBN 1874950415
 US$ 25.00 postage 17.00
  156pp, beautifully illus with photos by C Paterson-Jones, includes plants, animals, birds & insects.
Namaqualand: garden of the gods   Patterson, F   1984  ISBN 0798131470
 US$ 16.00 postage 16.00
  128pp, 87, descr. the senasational spring flower season.
Pollen wasps & flowers in southern Africa   Gess, S & F Gess   2010  ISBN 9781919976600
 US$ 11.00 postage 8.00
  145pp, pollen wasps which are bee-like in their behaviour, are important pollinators. This book, illustrated by many colour photos, describes the wasps & their life histories, the plants they visit, etc
Renosterveld - a wilderness exposed   Parker, R & B Lomba   2009
 US$ 24.00 postage 18.00
  179pp, a superbly illustrated book on the people, history & flora of the renosterveld, a highly threatened vegetation type in the Cape floral region. Includes many photos of plants, particularly bulbous plants.
T.P. Stokoe - the man, the myths, the flowers   Slingsby, P & A. Johns   2009  ISBN 9781919900964
 US$ 18.00 postage 10.00
  151pp, soft cover book telling the fascinating story of Stokoe, a botanist who discovered 150 new plants in the mountains of South Africa. Illustrated by hundreds of drawings, paintings & photos of him, his plants and his expeditions in the mountains.
Table Mountain - A Natural History   Pauw, A & S Johnson   1999  ISBN 1874950431
 US$ 17.00 postage 16.00
  160pp, full col. photos of plants, pollinators, etc
The Smallest Kingdom - plants and plant collectors at the Cape of Good Hope   Fraser, M & L   2011  ISBN 9781842463895
 US$ 35.00 postage 18.00
  220pp, superb new book about the Cape floral kingdom includes paintings by Liz Fraser, historic maps, portraits of collectors, herbarium specimens plus photos of plants, fascinating!
The Sperrgebiet - Nature's parched masterpiece   Williamson, G & F   2016  ISBN 9780620600651
 US$ 25.00 postage 21.00
  350 pages, a beautiful book about this south west corner of Namibia. Describes the mining activities, geology, fossils, fauna and particularly flora of this harsh area, many lovely photos & drawings.
Under the Olive - A book of garden pleasures   Palmer, E   1989  ISBN 0624026302
 US$ 11.00 postage 12.00
  127pp, in this book Eve Palmer pays a personal tribute to the native SA plants that she had in her garden in Pretoria, includes descriptions & illustrations of trees, shrubs, climbers that grow in sun & shade, & that compliment one another, a lovely book.
Wild Flowers of South Africa   Rourke, J (ed)   1996  ISBN 1868258971
 US$ 4.00 postage 8.00
  127pp, 405 colour plates illustrate 350 species of SA plants.


An Introduction to the South African Orchids   Schelpe E A C L E   1966
 US$ 18.00 postage 0.00
  Concise illustrated guide. Eighty percent of the 54 orchid genera are recorded. 2nd hand dust cover damaged slighly.
Epiphytic Orchids of Southern Africa   Harrison, E   1972
 US$ 24.00 postage 5.00
  100pp, 42 sp of epiphytic orchids illus by line drawings, vegetative key, maps, rarely seen.
Field Guide to the Orchids of Northern South Africa & Swaziland   McMurtry, D et al   2008  ISBN 9781919766461
 US$ 24.00 postage 15.00
  482pp, detailed descriptions of 210 orchid species, over 1300 colour photos, distribution maps & notes on ecology, colour paintings, a beautiful new book full of information.
Growing Orchids from Seed   Seaton, P & Ramsay, M   2005
 US$ 20.00 postage 10.00
  83pp, this book covers everything form flower pollination, to seed sowing to easy medium preparation, with many drawings and photos, clear & simple instructions.
Growing Orchids in South Africa - A Gardener's Guide   Venter, H   2006  ISBN 187509380X
 US$ 12.00 postage 11.00
  144p, a very practical book giving detailed simple instructions on growing orchids at home, includes a chapter on SA native species, many colour photos.
Orchids of Africa   Stewart, J & E Hennessy   1981  ISBN 0395317711
 US$ 55.00 postage 18.00
  157pp, 50 species described, each illustrated with a col painting, 8 b/w figs.
Orchids of Kenya   Stewart, J   1996  ISBN 1873040288
 US$ 33.00 postage 13.00
  192pp, 198 col. photos, keys to genera, cult. tips.
Orchids of South Africa - a Field Guide   Johnson, S & Bytebier, B   2015  ISBN 9781775841395
 US$ 22.00 postage 17.00
  536pp, covers almost 500 orchid species of SA photographed by Herbert Starker, multiple photos for each species, distribution maps & text. Very beautiful photography.
Orchids of Southern Africa   Linder, H & H Kurzweil   1999
 US$ 370.00 postage 20.00
  492pp, taxonomic account, 500 col photos, distribution maps, long out of print.
Orchids of Tropical Africa   Stewart, J & B Campbell   1970  ISBN 0491001436
 US$ 34.00 postage 12.00
  117pp, 45 large col. pl., map, rare.
Southern African Epiphytic Orchids   Ball, J   1978  ISBN 0868750018
 US$ 144.00 postage 20.00
  248 pages, extra large folio size, col. pl. by P van de Ruit, very rare.
Studies of the South African species of Eulophia   Hall, A   1965
 US$ 41.00 postage 12.00
  248pp, 36 sp described, each with map & habitat information, keys (J SA Bot suppl vol V)
The Cape Orchids: A regional monograph of the orchids of the Cape Floristic Region Volumes 1 and 2   Liltved, W & S Johnson   2012  ISBN 9780987019714
 US$ 111.00 postage 37.00
  1022pp in 2 vols, comprehensive overview of 241 species from 24 genera in the Cape Floristic Region, over 2000 colour photos plus historical and contemporary paintings (by Fay Anderson), information on pollination, botanical exploration,field notes, etc.
The Epiphytic Orchids of Malawi   Morris, B   1970
 US$ 31.00 postage 11.00
  136pp, one of the first illus plant books for Malawi, key to genera, col & b/w illus, preliminary list of species.
The Native Orchids of Florida   Luer, Carlyle   1972  ISBN 78189081
 US$ 24.00 postage 16.00
  293pp, over 100 orchid species are described & superbly illustrated by colour photos & drawings, distribution maps & information about habitat.
Wild Orchids of Southern Africa   Stewart J, HP Linder,E A Schelpe, A V Hall   1982
 US$ 51.00 postage 0.00
  Descriptions ofevery species of orchid so far recorded within the Republic of South Africa and neighbouring territories, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. Colour photographs accompany all bur a few of the 433 species. Second-hand copy Dust cover damaged on


Geophytic Pelargoniums   Craib, C   2001  ISBN 1919766146
 US$ 155.00 postage 10.00
  125pp, 12 colour plates by G. Condy plus many line drawings & maps long out of print.
The Bushman Candles   Craib, C & J Lavranos   2011  ISBN 9780620486774
 US$ 74.00 postage 19.00
  194pp, a beautiful new book on the Sarcocaulons (now Monsonias) describing the species, their habitats & cultivation, many colour photos, paintings (Ellaphie Ward-Hillhorst & Gerhard Marx) & pencil drawings (Bowen Boshier).


Field guide to the Proteas of the west coast   Rebelo, T   1999  ISBN 0799216364
 US$ 1.00 postage 3.00
  88pp, b/w ill of each species, maps.
Protea Cultivation - from concept to carton (English and Afrikaans)   Malan, G   2012  ISBN 9780620553001
 US$ 122.00 postage 13.00
  298pp, a new book covering everything about Protea cultivation - plant propagation, plantation design, pests and diseases, harvesting, fertilisation etc etc.
Proteaceous Ornamentals: Banksia, Leucadendron, Leucospermum and Protea   Janick, J (ed)   2007  ISBN 9789066054462
 US$ 28.00 postage 6.00
  161pp, collection of articles originally published by the Int Soc for Horticultural Science on botany & horticulture. Includes pests & diseases, propagation & cultivation, post-harvest flower treatment, pot plant development, invaluable information.
Proteas of the Cape Peninsula   Rebelo, T   2000  ISBN 1919684220
 US$ 2.00 postage 3.00
  130pp, b/w dwgs, maps.
Proteas of the summer rainfall region   Rebelo, T   1995  ISBN 0799216348
 US$ 1.00 postage 3.00
  62pp, line dwgs, pocket field guide.
South African Proteaceae in New Zealand   Matthews, L   1983  ISBN 0959766901
 US$ 10.00 postage 19.00
  256pp, lavishly ill. with paintings by Z Carter.
South Africa's Proteaceae: know them & grow them   Vogts, M   1989  ISBN 0959540520
 US$ 50.00 postage 17.00
  240pp, ill., col. photos by C Paterson-Jones.
Taxonomic studies on Sorocephalus R. Br. & Spatalla, Salisb   Rourke, J   1969
 US$ 3.00 postage 8.00
  124pp, 10 b/w plates, 21 dwgs, 33 maps.
The Proteaceae of South Africa   Rousseau, F   1970  ISBN 360001068
 US$ 22.00 postage 12.00
  110pp, this book covers a large number of species of Proteaceae, all illustrated with colour photos taken in the wild.
The Proteas of Southern Africa   Rourke, J   1980  ISBN 0868430277
 US$ 52.00 postage 20.00
  236pp, 82 col pl. by F Anderson, maps, good condition except tears in dust jacket.

Reference Books

A Classification of the Mountain Vegetation of the Fynbos Biome   Campbell, B   1985
 US$ 14.00 postage 6.00
  121pp, 60 figs., tables, maps. Memoirs of the Botanical Survey of SA, no. 50.
Botanical Diversity in Southern Africa.   Huntley, B   1994  ISBN 1874907250
 US$ 4.00 postage 14.00
  Conference Proceedings, 412 pp, ill., plates, figs.
Botanical Names - what they mean   Kesting, D & H Clarke   2008  ISBN 9780620424141
 US$ 8.00 postage 3.00
  3rd revised & enlarged ed, the meanings of generic & specific names of plants are described, making these names far more understandable!
Brief History of the Gymnosperms: classification, biodiversity, phytogeography & ecology (Strelitzia 20)   Anderson, J & H, & C Cleal   2007  ISBN 9781919976396
 US$ 15.00 postage 16.00
  280pp, 84 gymnosperm families are documented & their ranges plotted using fossil records, insect associations are traced, & biodiversity trends followed, illustrated by many line drawings, photographs etc.
Cape Plants   Goldblatt, P & J Manning   2000  ISBN 0620262362
 US$ 18.00 postage 20.00
  743pp, 12 col. plates, keys & descriptions.
Cederberg Vegetation and Flora   Taylor, H   1996  ISBN 1874907285
 US$ 2.00 postage 7.00
  76pp, photos, tables, maps, checklist of flora in the Cederberg mountains.
Checklist of the Flowering Plants of Sub-Saharan Africa (SABONET report no 42)   Klopper, R et al   2006  ISBN 9991663169
 US$ 24.00 postage 26.00
  892pp, list of 50 136 taxa of sub-Saharan Africa
Common Names of South African Plants   Smith, C   1966
 US$ 51.00 postage 17.00
  642pp, common names as well as derivation & modification of names over time, extremely interesting book. (Botanical Survery Memoir no 35).
Families of Flowering Plants of Southern Africa   Riley, H   1963
 US$ 22.00 postage 18.00
  269pp, taxonomic study of SA with discussion of all families & their genera, 144 col plates of typical species, economic uses of the plants, ex library copy.
Fire in South African Ecosystems: an annotated bibliography   Schirge, G & Penderis, A   1978  ISBN 0798814160
 US$ 3.00 postage 7.00
  114pp, list of references of research, review & discussion papers dealing with fire in SA.
Flora Zambesiaca Vol 1 Part 1   Exell, A & H Wild (eds)   1960
 US$ 11.00 postage 6.00
  336pp, includes revisions of Cycadaceae, Podocarpaceae, Ranunculaceae, Annonaceae, Polygalaceae, Pittosporaceae, Flacourtiaceae.
Guide to Plant Families of southern Africa (Strelitzia 31)   Koekemoer, M et al   2013  ISBN 9781919976839
 US$ 20.00 postage 16.00
  295pp, a new very useful book that enables one to identify SA plants to family level. 52 families are described and divided by the use of simple easy to understand characters.
Heyday of the Gymnosperms: systematics & biodiversity of the Late Triassic Molteno fructifications   Anderson, J & H   2003  ISBN 1919795987
 US$ 10.00 postage 20.00
  398pp, the book gives a comprehensive insight into the large number of extinct seed plants from the Mesozoic of the southern hemisphere (230 million years ago), when gymnosperms were dominant. (Strelitzia 15)
Historical plant incidence in southern Africa (Strelitzia 24)   Skead, CJ (Compiled)   2009  ISBN 9781919976532
 US$ 11.00 postage 19.00
  378pp, a collection of observations made by early African travellers (missionaries, professional plant collectors & others) on the vegetation as they saw it during the time from 1601 to the 19 hundreds. Useful book for ecologists & environmental historian
Plants in Peril   Editors: Raimondo, D et al   2013  ISBN 9781919976877
 US$ 25.00 postage 18.00
  208pp, this beautifully illustrated book describes 100 of the 2500 highly threatened plants in South Africa.
Plants of Angola (Strelitzia 22)   Figueiredo, E & G Smith   2008
 US$ 9.00 postage 17.00
  279pp, a list of about 6900 plant species found in Angola with basic locality information, compiled over 12 months by 32 contributors.
Plants of southern Africa: an annotated checklist (Strelitzia 14)   Germishuizen, G & N Meyer   2003  ISBN 1919795995
 US$ 19.00 postage 25.00
  1231pp, a list of all described SA plants (24 000 species), including information on the type of plant (eg shrub, annual), size and general locality (Strelitizia 14).
Plants of the Greater Cape Floristic Region 1: The Core Cape Flora (Strelitzia 29)   Manning, J & P Goldblatt   2012  ISBN 9781919976747
 US$ 21.00 postage 21.00
  853pp, a concise account of all known species (9400 species) in the Cape Floristic Region, arranged using the most recent taxonomy, replaces & updates the book "Cape Plants". An esssential book for anyone working with or on Cape plants.
Plants of the Greater Cape Floristic Region 1: The Core Cape Flora (Strelitzia 29) CD   Manning, J & P Goldblatt   2012  ISBN 9781919976747
 US$ 7.00 postage 5.00
  CD 853pp, a concise account of all known species (9400 species) in the Cape Floristic Region, arranged using the most recent taxonomy, replaces & updates the book "Cape Plants". An esssential book for anyone working with or on Cape plants.
Plants of the Greater Cape Floristic Region 2: The Extra Cape Flora (Strelitzia 30)   Snijman, DA (ed)   2013  ISBN 9781919976778
 US$ 13.00 postage 19.00
  543pp, this account covers the 3715 species in the northern semi-arid part of the Cape Floristic Region, an area not covered previously, essential for anyone working on plants from arid areas.
Plants of the Nyika Plateau (Southern African Botanical Diversity Network Report no 31)   Burrows,J & Willia, C (ed)   2005  ISBN 1919976086
 US$ 10.00 postage 19.00
  405pp, this publication is due to the work of 24 botanists who collected over 3000 specimens on a field trip to the area. All species are listed, described, includes localities, many line drawings & 8 colour plates.
Rare & threatened plants of KwaZulu Natal & neighbouring regions   Scott-Shaw, R   1999  ISBN 062024688X
 US$ 5.00 postage 14.00
  182pp., line dwgs., 8 pages of colour plates.
Red List of South African Plants 2009 (Strelitzia 25)   Raimondo, D et al   2009  ISBN 9781919976525
 US$ 19.00 postage 23.00
  668pp, a full assessment of the status of all 20 456 SA species, including 13 265 endemics. Text includes distribution, habitat & conservation status for each threatened species, plus many colour photos.
Regions of Floristic Endemism   van Wyk, A & G Smith   2001  ISBN 1919766189
 US$ 29.00 postage 18.00
  199pp, a new book illustrating the extraordinary floristic diversity in southern Africa. 382 photos of plants in habitat, maps, informationon geology etc.
Systematics, Biology & Evolution of some SA taxa   Goldblatt, P et al   1991  ISBN 0799213020
 US$ 5.00 postage 13.00
  288pp, line dwgs, maps, photos (Contributions from the Bolus Herb. No 13).
Taxonomic literature of Southern African plants (Strelitzia 5)   Meyer, N   1997  ISBN 1874907358
 US$ 5.00 postage 12.00
  164pp, reference work listing the most useful taxonomic literature at a generic level for the flora of South Africa.
The Illustrated Dictionary of Southern African Plant names   Clarke, H & M Charters   2016  ISBN 9781431424436
 US$ 29.00 postage 16.00
  482pp, over 5000 entries illustrated with 500 colour photos, good explanations of plant names including information on why the author named the plant that way!
Towards Gondwana Alive Vol. 1   Anderson ,J (ed)   2001  ISBN 191979560X
 US$ 6.00 postage 11.00
  139pp, a book promoting biodiversity and stemming the sixth extinction.
Vegetation Map of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland   Mucina L & Rutherford   1996
 US$ 2.00 postage 8.00
  Maps only, together with photocopy of the companion guide.

Regional Flower Guides

A database of the Flora of the Cape Peninsula DVD   Friends of Silvermine
 US$ 14.00 postage 8.00
  DVD with descriptions of more than 2300 species from the Cape Peninsula, and photos of more than 1500 of those species (in Access format).
A Field Guide to The Flora of the Natal Drakensberg   Killick, D   1990  ISBN 0947464352
 US$ 6.00 postage 7.00
  200pp, 95 col. photos, line drawings, clear & concise.
A Guide to the Wild Flowers of Silvermine   Friends of Silvermine   2009  ISBN 9780620444637
 US$ 7.00 postage 3.00
  30pp, small booklet-with a check list of 604 species found in the Reserve, including colour photos of many of them.
Cape Floral kingdom   Lighton, C   1960
 US$ 7.00 postage 8.00
  206pp, story of the Cape flora.
Ecoguide Namaqualand   Manning, J   2008  ISBN 9781920217075
 US$ 10.00 postage 5.00
  128pp, guide to geology, vegetation, birds & insects found in Namaqualand, with over 200 flowers, shrubs & trees illustrated & described, includes map & route descriptions.
Fernkloof Nature Reserve - Hermanus   Hermanus Botanical Society   2017  ISBN 9780620759243
 US$ 14.00 postage 7.00
  184 pages, a new field guide to the Fernkloof reserve, includes over 400 photographs & descriptions of animals, birds, insects and plants.
Field Guide to Fynbos (new 2018 edition)   Manning, J   2018  ISBN 9781775845904
 US$ 33.00 postage 12.00
  507 pp, describes more than 1100 species each illustrated by photographs by Colin Paterson Jones, keys to species, lovely new book.
Field Guide to the flora of Grootbos Nature Reserve & the Walker Bay region   Privett, S & H Lutzeyer   2010  ISBN 9780620478052
 US$ 19.00 postage 11.00
  296pp, 410 species from the area (near Hermanus) described & illustrated, excellent new field guide.
Field Guide to the wild flowers of the Witwatersrand & Pretoria region   van Wyk, B & S Malan   1988  ISBN 0869778145
 US$ 14.00 postage 12.00
  352pp, all col. Ill., book arranged according to flower colour, many species illustrated.
Field Guide to Wild Flowers of South Africa   Manning, J   2009  ISBN 9781770077584
 US$ 21.00 postage 15.00
  487pp, more than 1100 species described & illustrated (colour photos), taxonomic info, distribution maps & flowering times included, superb book.
Flowering Plants of the Southern Cape   Bohnen, P   1986  ISBN 0620099755
 US$ 14.00 postage 14.00
  92 pp text, 80 full p col. paintings, bibliogr.
Flowers of the Natal Drakensberg   Hilliard, O   1990  ISBN 0869807021
 US$ 1.00 postage 5.00
  88pp, b/w & 7 col. ill. by L Davis.
Flowers of Verloren Valei   van Ede, Gerrit   2016  ISBN 9780620692502
 US$ 12.00 postage 5.00
  80pp, field guide to Verloren Valei, a high altitude area in Mpumalanga. It includes 180 photos of orchids, bulbous plants & perennials in the reserve, & includes information about each species.
Guide to the flora of the Cape Peninsula   Levyns, M   1966
 US$ 14.00 postage 10.00
  2nd rev.ed., 310pp, line dwgs, standard work.
Important Plants of Sterkfontein   Mogg, A   1975  ISBN 0854944265
 US$ 9.00 postage 4.00
  180pp, 74 species described & illustrated by dwgs by R Lloyd, covers the Sterkfontein cave area near Johannesburg where the skull of Mrs ples (primitive man) was found.
Mountain Flowers - A Field Guide to the Flora of the Drakensberg & Lesotho   Pooley, E   2003  ISBN 0620302216
 US$ 12.00 postage 10.00
  320pp, hundreds of descriptions of species with colour photos for all species. A superb book. Hard cover copies available at R230.
Natal wild flowers   Jeppe, B   1975  ISBN 36000203X
 US$ 24.00 postage 14.00
  118pp, 56 large format col. pl, scarce.
Plants of the Klein Karoo   Vlok, J & A L Schutte-Vlok   2015  ISBN 9781919766492
 US$ 24.00 postage 18.00
  571pp, 2nd revised ed, includes 1450 species all illustrated with clear photos, includes a CD with many extra photos.
Plants of the northern provinces of South Africa: keys & diagnostic characters (Strelitzia 6)   Retief, E & P Herman   1997  ISBN 1874907307
 US$ 13.00 postage 20.00
  681pp, keys, descriptions of 215 spp.
The Botany of the Southern Natal Drakensberg   Hilliard, O & B. Burtt   1987  ISBN 0620106255
 US$ 19.00 postage 13.00
  253pp, 190 col. photos, 6 maps.
The flora of Natal (Botanical Survey Memoir no. 39)   Ross, J   1972  ISBN 0621003271
 US$ 5.00 postage 10.00
  418pp, classic compact taxonomic work.
The Flora of the Witwatersrand Vol 1 The Monocotyledonae   Lowrey, T & S Wright (ed)   1987  ISBN 0854948996
 US$ 7.00 postage 10.00
  Vol 1: The Monocotyledons, 365pp, over 100 full page line dwgs.
The Flowering Plants of the Tsitsikamma Forest and Coastal National Park   Courtenay-Latimer,M et al   1967
 US$ 8.00 postage 5.00
  64 colour plates (paintings) plus descriptions of 106 species.
The Levyns Guide to the Plant Genera of the Southwestern Cape   Trinder-Smith, T   2003  ISBN 0620304391
 US$ 17.00 postage 14.00
  355pp, a revised, updated & expanded version of the original guide by Levyns in 1929, this version contains keys to 860 genera, excellent glossary, good descriptions, and line drawings of many species.
The Seaweeds of the Tsitsikamma Coastal National Park   Seagrief, S   1967
 US$ 3.00 postage 5.00
  147pp, col ill of 64 species.
Transvaal Wild Flowers   Fabian, A & G. Germishuizen   1982  ISBN 0869541080
 US$ 25.00 postage 19.00
  296pp, 134 col. plates, fine botanical paintings.
Trees & Shrubs of Mpumalanga & Kruger National Park - Revised edition   Schmidt, E et al   2007  ISBN 9781770093751
 US$ 25.00 postage 19.00
  702pp, this book deals with the most important tree area in South Africa, it is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of colour photos, includes keys to all genera. Revised & updated edition
Trees & shrubs of the Kruger National park   Codd, L   1951
 US$ 9.00 postage 7.00
  192pp, 166 figs, line dwgs, rare, seldom found.
Trees & Shrubs of the Witwatersrand   Jeppe, B   1974  ISBN 0854949100
 US$ 3.00 postage 10.00
  310pp, line dwgs, classic work.
Trees & shrubs of the Witwatersrand, Magaliesberg, & Pilanesberg   van Gogh, J & J Anderson   1988  ISBN 086977719X
 US$ 28.00 postage 13.00
  112pp., 50 full page col. plates, lovely paintings.
Trees and shrubs of the Cape Peninsula   Moll, E & L Scott   1981  ISBN 0799204536
 US$ 0.00 postage 4.00
  119pp, line dwgs, maps
Veldblomme van Transvaal   Letty, C   1962
 US$ 25.00 postage 18.00
  360pp, 174 full page colour plates, line drawings, plant descriptions in Afrikaans.
Western Cape sandveld flowers   Mason, H   1972  ISBN 0869770152
 US$ 31.00 postage 15.00
  203pp, 510, very hard to find. Good condition.
Western Cape sandveld flowers   Mason, H   1972  ISBN 0869770152
 US$ 34.00 postage 11.00
  203pp, 510, very hard to find. Torn dust jacket.
Wild Flowers of Natal (Coastal Region) + (Inland Region)   Gibson, J   1975  ISBN 0620018275
 US$ 53.00 postage 15.00
  2nd hand 136pp, 810 species described, 886 colour paintings, extremely useful for plant identification.
Wild Flowers of Southern Mozambique   Bandeira, S et al   2007
 US$ 16.00 postage 6.00
  258pp, the first field guide for this area, text in Portuguese & English, about 300 species covered with text & illustrations, information on habitats.
Wild Flowers of Table Mountain   Jackson, W   1982  ISBN 0869781464
 US$ 17.00 postage 13.00
  120pp, 161 colour photos, descriptions & cultivation information on many of the species growing on this mountain.
Wild Flowers of the Cape of Good Hope   Rice, E & R Compton   1950
 US$ 14.00 postage 16.00
  24pp, 250 full col. plates, a classic. Very good condition.
Wild Flowers of the Cape Peninsula - A Checklist   Kesting, D (compiler)   2007  ISBN 0620315814
 US$ 4.00 postage 5.00
  A list of 2272 species, including 145 "alien" species, found on the Cape Peninsula, includes common names.
Wild Flowers of the Eastern Cape Province   Batten, A & Bokelmann, H   1966
 US$ 28.00 postage 16.00
  185pp, 127 full colour plates each with several species, descriptions of all species, a classic work.
Wild Flowers of the Limpopo Valley   Van der Walt, R   2009  ISBN 9780620439497
 US$ 20.00 postage 15.00
  389pp, excellent guide to perennials & shrubs of the northern areas of SA, arranged by flower colour, hundreds of colour photos, distribution maps for all species described, very comprehensive.
Wild Flowers of the Natal Drakensberg   Trauseld, W   1969
 US$ 103.00 postage 17.00
  220pp, many colour photographs with descriptions, lists of plants flowering in each month. Subscriber's and collector's editions, full leather binding, excellent condition.
Wild Flowers of the Natal Drakensberg   Trauseld, W   1969
 US$ 28.00 postage 17.00
  220pp, many colour photographs with descriptions, lists of plants flowering in each month.
Wild Flowers of the northern Cape   Adams, J   1976  ISBN 0620020415
 US$ 10.00 postage 6.00
  173 col. pl., botanical art, bilingual (English & Afrikaans).
Wild flowers of the Roggeveld and Tanqua   van der Merwe, H   2010  ISBN 9780620489294
 US$ 15.00 postage 11.00
  205pp, 411 species illustrated with large very clear photos, plant description and habitat info opposite photos, excellent new field guide.
Wild Flowers of the Transvaal   Letty, C   1962
 US$ 37.00 postage 18.00
  362pp, 174 full-page col. pl., line dwgs, the classic work, damaged dust jacket.
Wild Flowers of the Witwatersrand   Lucas, A & B. Pike   1987  ISBN 0869775758
 US$ 5.00 postage 10.00
  113pp, 16 full-page col. ill., many line drawings of some of the smaller wild flowers of the Johannesburg region.
Wildflowers of the Fairest Cape   Goldblatt, P & J Manning   2000
 US$ 18.00 postage 18.00
  315pp, 649 colour photos, descriptions of 649 species, long out of print.


A Field Guide to The Aloes of Malawi   Lane, S   2004  ISBN 1919766278
 US$ 9.00 postage 5.00
  56pp, soft cover, descriptions, photos and illustrations of the 22 species in Malawi, maps, flowering and cultivation information.
A Guide to Growing Pachycaul and Caudiciform Plants   de Vosjoli, P   2004  ISBN 0974297119
 US$ 45.00 postage 14.00
  319pp, a beautifully illustrated new book on the cultivation of "fat plants", many colour photos & lots of info on cultivation, highly recommended for anyone growing these plants.
A Handbook of Succulent Plants Vol 1   Jacobsen, H   1960
 US$ 18.00 postage 18.00
  490pp, Vol 1 covers the genera Abromeitiella to Euphorbia, and includes all succulents other than cacti, many black & white photo, descriptions etc.
A History of Succulent Plants   Rowley, G   1997  ISBN 0912647160
 US$ 38.00 postage 20.00
  409pp, lavishly illus, unique work on the literature of this vast subject
Aloes in Southern Africa   Smith, G & B van Wyk   2008  ISBN 9781770074620
 US$ 15.00 postage 10.00
  136pp, a lovely new book on Aloes, their use in gardens, their habitats, growing them and their uses medicinally, many colour photos.
Cotyledon and Tylecodon   van Jaarsveld, E & D Koutnik   2004  ISBN 1919766324
 US$ 31.00 postage 16.00
  156pp, revision of the 2 genera published in a beautifully illustrated book, colour paintings by E Bodley + many colour photos.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 1   Euphorbia Journal Vol 1   1983  ISBN 091264700
 US$ 48.00 postage 12.00
  130pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 10   Euphorbia   1994
 US$ 48.00 postage 13.00
  250pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 2   Euphorbia   1996  ISBN 0912647019
 US$ 48.00 postage 11.00
  243pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 3   Euphorbia   1984  ISBN 0912647027
 US$ 48.00 postage 12.00
  154pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 4   Euphorbia   1985
 US$ 48.00 postage 12.00
  154pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 5   Euphorbia   1987
 US$ 48.00 postage 12.00
  169pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 6   Euphorbia   1989
 US$ 48.00 postage 12.00
  162pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 7   Euphorbia   1990
 US$ 48.00 postage 12.00
  154pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 8   Euphorbia   1991
 US$ 48.00 postage 12.00
  170pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Euphorbia Journal Vol 9   Euphorbia   1992
 US$ 48.00 postage 14.00
  154pp, full col. ill. Each vol. consists of a collection of articles written by experts, plant explorers, etc.
Grass Aloes in the South African Veld   Craib, C   2005  ISBN 1919766413
 US$ 51.00 postage 19.00
  156pp, a superb new book (in slip case) illustrating & describing all the grass Aloes, paintings by G Condy, line drawings by M Ralfe, details on cultivation, conservation status, growth cycles, habitat descriptions etc.
Guide to Succulents of Southern Africa   Smith, G & N Crouch   2009  ISBN 9781770076624
 US$ 0.00 postage 5.00
  136pp, illustrates & describes over 240 commonly encountered succulents, includes distribution maps, good field guide.
Guide to the Aloes of South Africa   van Wyk, B & G Smith   2004  ISBN 9781875093410
 US$ 19.00 postage 13.00
  304pp, updated version of previous publication, all species illustrated by clear colour photos, information on habitat, cultivation.
Guide to the Aloes of South Africa   van Wyk, B & G. Smith   2014  ISBN 9781920217389
 US$ 22.00 postage 15.00
  376pp, 3rd ed, updated version reflecting new taxonomy, 155 Aloes described & illustrated.
Haworthia Handbook   Bayer, MB   1976  ISBN 06062002206x
 US$ 10.00 postage 5.00
  184pp, review of the history & literature of the genus, taxonomic keys to 68 species with 41 subspecies, varieties & forms, black & white photos.
Haworthia Update - Essays on Haworthia Vol 1   Bayer, B   2002  ISBN 1919766219
 US$ 10.00 postage 8.00
  63pp, essays discussing variation in the species, 400 col photos to illustrate the taxonomic problems.
Iridaceae of Southern Africa Strelizia 42   Goldblatt P & J Manning   ISBN 9781926224358
 US$ 30.00 postage 0.00
  Illustratedwith line drawings and nearly half of the species are colour phtographs. Four new speciesare described.
List of SA Succulent Plants   Smith, G et al   1997  ISBN 1919766049
 US$ 18.00 postage 11.00
  175pp, 8 col. pl., b/w dwgs, comprehensive list of families, genera & spp.
Lithops Treasures of the Veld   Hammer, S   2010  ISBN 0902099922
 US$ 51.00 postage 5.00
  156pp, 2nd edition, hundreds of superb photos by Chris Barnhill, descriptions of many different cultivars, information on cultivation & lots of interesting & amusing text.
Mesembs of the world   Smith, G et al   1998  ISBN 1875093133
 US$ 22.00 postage 16.00
  405pp., all col.ill.,guide to ID using seed capsules, key to groups, well illustrated.
New Succulent Spiny Euphorbia from East Africa   Carter, S   1982
 US$ 10.00 postage 5.00
  118pp, line dwgs, key to 71 sp, 25 are described & illustrated as new.
Noteworthy Species of Kleinia   Halliday, P   1988
 US$ 30.00 postage 5.00
  135pp, the genus Kleinia is discussed, & 25 species are described & illustrated.
Pachyforms II Bonsai Succulents   de Vosjoli, P & R Lime   2007  ISBN 0974297135
 US$ 51.00 postage 16.00
  387pp, a second volume focusing on the cultivation & display of pachycaul & caudiciform plants, many colour photos.
Revision of Tridentia & of Euphorbia gariepina (in Excelsa no 2)   Excelsa Leach, L
 US$ 10.00 postage 6.00
  81pp, b/w photos, descrip of new species, plus notes on Stapelia.
South African Aloes   Jeppe, B   1969
 US$ 48.00 postage 15.00
  144pp, full page col plates of all species, descriptions of 139 species, book in good condition.
Stapeliads (refreshed)   Pilbeam, J   2014  ISBN 9780902099975
 US$ 60.00 postage 16.00
  221pp, 2nd ed, all 59 genera of Stapeliads are iiustrated by 714 photos, includes new names & 2 new genera.
Stapeliads of Southern Africa and Madagascar Vols 1 & 11   Bruyns, P   2005  ISBN 1919766375
 US$ 125.00 postage 28.00
  606pp in 2 vols in slip case, 1st monograph on stapeliads in 68 yrs, 182 species covered, over 1000 colour photographs plus many line drawings, maps for every sp, superb books.
Succulent & xerophytic plants of Madagascar vol.1   Rauh, W   1995
 US$ 74.00 postage 20.00
  2nd hand343pp., over 1000 col. photos of plants & habitats, beautiful book.
Succulent & xerophytic plants of Madagascar vol.1 & 2   Rauh, W   1995
 US$ 147.00 postage 28.00
  Over 650pp., over 2000 colour photos of plants & habitats, 2 beautiful books.
Succulent & xerophytic plants of Madagascar vol.2   Rauh, W   1998  ISBN 0912647170
 US$ 74.00 postage 21.00
  386pp., over 1000 col. photos, another beautiful book!
Succulent Compositae   Rowley, G   1994
 US$ 33.00 postage 15.00
  238pp, 328 col photos, includes descriptions of over 80 species of Senecio & Othonna with succulent leaves &/or stems, keys to species, cultivation details.
Succulent Flora of Southern Africa   Court, D   1981  ISBN 0869611216
 US$ 25.00 postage 17.00
  224pp, original edition, black & white plus colour plates.
Succulent Flora of Southern Africa - revised edition   Court, D   2010  ISBN 9781770075870
 US$ 25.00 postage 18.00
  3rd ed., 336pp, colour plates & b/w photos, includes descriptions of hundreds of species from 8 families.
Succulent Plants   Jacobsen, H   1946
 US$ 51.00 postage 14.00
  293pp, translation from original work in German, description, cultivation & uses of succulent plants other than cacti, 277 b'w illustrations, many species included.
Succulents - the illustrated dictionary   Sajeva, M & M Constanzo   1994  ISBN 0304347450
 US$ 27.00 postage 17.00
  239pp, all col.ill., every species ill.
Succulents in the Veld   Rawe, R   1968
 US$ 13.00 postage 10.00
  104pp, 88 black & white photos, 48 colour plates.
Succulents of Southern Africa   Frandsen, Robin   2017  ISBN 9780620749558
 US$ 57.00 postage 26.00
  500pp, most extensive book on succulents, includes 133 genera and 1117 species, all illustrated with colour photos. Superb book.
Succulents of the Transvaal   Hardy, D   1992  ISBN 1868124207
 US$ 28.00 postage 15.00
  138pp, 56 col. pl. by A Fabian, over 100 species described. One 1st edition. One with dirty dust jacket.
The Aloes of South Africa   Reynolds, G   1950
 US$ 103.00 postage 21.00
  520pp, 76 col. plates, good condition except for torn dust jacket, 1 copy signed by the author.
The Aloes of Tropical Africa and Madagascar   Reynolds, G   1966
 US$ 118.00 postage 21.00
  2nd hand 537pp, 105 colour plates, 557 black & white photos, descriptions & keys to species, in excellent condition.
The Apocynaceae of Namibia (Strelitzia 34)   Bruyns, P   2014  ISBN 9781919976983
 US$ 14.00 postage 6.00
  158pp, an account of the 6th largest family in Namibia, consists of 46 genera & 153 species, maps, colour pictures & line drawings.
The genera of the Mesembryanthemaceae   Herre, H   1971  ISBN 0624000028
 US$ 59.00 postage 19.00
  316pp, col. ill by artists of the Bolus Herbarium, distribution maps, good condition, one with no dust jacket & one with.
The genus Haworthia - a taxonomic revision   Scott, C   1985  ISBN 0620079746
 US$ 42.00 postage 14.00
  160pp., many full colour photos, most comprehensive, 2nd hand copy in excellent condition.
The New Haworthia Handbook   Bayer, M   1982  ISBN 0620056320
 US$ 25.00 postage 7.00
  A revised guide to the literature of the genus with discussion of the species, identification keys & colour illustrations.
The Stapelieae   White, A & B Sloane   1937
 US$ 177.00 postage 32.00
  1185pp in 3 volumes, complete revision of all the Stapeliads, b/w illustrations, good condition except for slight foxing on front pages..
The Stapelieae   White, A & B Sloane   1933
 US$ 33.00 postage 16.00
  206pp, 1st ed, an introduction to the genera of Stapeliaea that were recognised in the 1930s, many black & white photos, of historical interest.
The Succulent Euphorbieae (Southern Africa) Volume 1 and 2   White, A, R Dyer & B Sloane   1941
 US$ 311.00 postage 29.00
  990pp in 2 volumes, 19 keys to species, hundreds of b/w photos, many colour paintings, extensive text with plant descriptions and information on localities, excellent condition.
The Timber Press Guide to the Succulent Plants of the World   Dortort, F   2011  ISBN 9780881929959
 US$ 40.00 postage 18.00
  344pp, well illustrated descriptions of more than 2000 succulent plants in 28 chapters (includes succulent bulbs & Geraniaceae), plus 2 chapters on habitats & cultivation, very comprehensive new book.
Tree Aloes of Africa   van Jaarsveld, E & E. Judd   2015  ISBN 9780620641265
 US$ 14.00 postage 10.00
  74pp, this book deals with the 6 tree Aloes in the genus Aloidendron & Kumara plicatilis, illustrated by many photos & watercolour paintings.
Welwitschia mirabilis - uncrowned monarch of the Namib   van Jaarsveld, E & U Pond   2013  ISBN 9780620549530
 US$ 94.00 postage 21.00
  280pp, a beautiful new book lavishly illustrated, information on habitat & ecology, cultivation, ethnic uses & evolutionary history, & a beautiful section on artistic interpretation of the plant.


A Field Guide: Southern Africa Albizia   Steyn, M   2006  ISBN 0620372613
 US$ 2.00 postage 3.00
  49pp, 21 species of the genus described & illustrated (incl some non SA species), many clear photos of flowers, bark, leaves & mature trees.
A leaf key to 45 common trees of Table Mountain   Wilson, P   1981
 US$ 1.00 postage 5.00
  37pp, line dwgs., handy booklet.
A list of Natal Trees   Ross, J & E Moll   1972
 US$ 2.00 postage 5.00
  46pp, list of trees with common and Zulu names.
Bushveld Trees   Funston, M   1993  ISBN 0958315493
 US$ 12.00 postage 16.00
  120pp, superb photographic study of trees.
Combretaceae in Southern Africa   Carr, J   1988  ISBN 0620121874
 US$ 29.00 postage 15.00
  234pp + 17 pp watercol. paintings by E Buitendag, over 300 photos, maps, top edge of book slightly damaged.
Common trees of the Highveld   Drummond, R & K Coates Palgrave   1973  ISBN 0582641063
 US$ 2.00 postage 6.00
  99pp, 14 col. pl., b/w photos.
Everyone's guide to Trees of South Africa   Coates Palgrave Keith Paul and Meg   1989
 US$ 7.00 postage 0.00
  Helping to recognise with ease 193 of the most common of our many tree species. Full colour photographs, details of some ritual and medicinal uses. Families,distribution and diagnostic features. 2nd Hand dust cover edged slightly damaged.
Field Guide to common Trees & Shrubs of East Africa   Dharani, N   2011  ISBN 9781770078888
 US$ 21.00 postage 12.00
  328 pages, 2nd ed, fully updated & revised, features more than 400 trees, shrubs, palms & mangroves in E Africa, many new photos & 93 new species.
Field Guide to the Acacias of South Africa   Smit, N   2008  ISBN 9781875093922
 US$ 10.00 postage 4.00
  128pp, complete guide of all 48 recognised species, subspecies & varieties, clear colour photos & maps, good descriptions.
Field Guide to the Mangrove Trees of Africa and Madagascar   Beentje, H & S Bandeira   2007  ISBN 9781842461358
 US$ 62.00 postage 10.00
  91pp, beautiful little book well illustrated by photos and drawings, includes all African species.
Field Guide to the trees of the Kruger National Park   van Wyk,P   1990  ISBN 086977221X
 US$ 10.00 postage 10.00
  272pp, colour photos, keys, full page of text & pictures for each species. One 2nd hand copy for R105.
Field Guide to Trees of Southern Africa   van Wyk, B & P van Wyk   2013  ISBN 9781770079113
 US$ 25.00 postage 18.00
  732pp, revised ed, this book describes & illustrates over 1000 tree species, 87 pages of full-tree photos, good ID keys, extremely useful book.
Figs of Southern & South-Central Africa   Burrows, J & S   2003  ISBN 1919766243
 US$ 48.00 postage 21.00
  379pp, a beautiful new book on the SA figs, includes keys to species, pollination & cultivation information, lavishly illustrated with 501 colour photos and 91 line drawings.
Guide to the Acacias of South Africa   Smit, N   1999  ISBN 187509315X
 US$ 11.00 postage 11.00
  223pp., col.ill., covering all SA species.
Guide to the Properties & Uses of Southern African wood   Dyer, S et al   2016  ISBN 9781920217587
 US$ 25.00 postage 18.00
  336pp, covers the wood properties of 140 species (134 indigenous), plus information on where trees grow, harvesting, processing, wood ID and properties, many photos.
How to Identify Trees in Southern Africa   van Wyk, B & P van Wky   2007  ISBN 9781770072404
 US$ 18.00 postage 7.00
  184 pages, this book makes tree identification simple by the use of many drawings & photographs, simple terms & explanations, followed by key to 43 tree groups with several examples in each group.
Indigenous trees of the Cape Peninsula   Whiting Spilhaus, M   1950
 US$ 7.00 postage 5.00
  122pp, 26 trees of the Cape Peninsula described & illustrated with bl/wh photos.
Making the most of indigenous trees   Venter, F & J   1996  ISBN 1875093052
 US$ 16.00 postage 13.00
  First edition, 320pp, col photos, information on cultivation & utilisation of the trees by animals.
Making the most of indigenous trees   Venter, F & J   2002  ISBN 9781875093335
 US$ 17.00 postage 13.00
  Revised edition, 320pp, col photos, information on cultivation & utilisation of the trees by animals.
Photo Guide to Trees of Southern Africa   van Wyk, B et al   2008  ISBN 9781920217044
 US$ 16.00 postage 14.00
  360pp, revised 2nd ed, field guide to 300 of the most common tree species, 920 colour photos of trees, flowers, fruits, bark, info on habitat, uses & identification features.
Photographic: A Field Guide: Southern African Acacias   Steyn, M   2007  ISBN 9780620398589
 US$ 11.00 postage 5.00
  77pp, all southern African species described & illustrated (incl bark, seed pods, thorns, flowers & leaves), excellent key to species.
Pooley's Trees of Eastern South Africa - a complete guide   Boon, R   2010  ISBN 9780620460194
 US$ 19.00 postage 17.00
  626pp, 2nd ed, over 1000 species described, includes trees, shrubs, woody climbers, leaf drawings, hundreds of photos, an excellent book.
Remarkable Trees of South Africa   Esterhuyse, N et al   2001  ISBN 1875093281
 US$ 10.00 postage 10.00
  202pp, the authors have chosen a no. of trees in SA of historical, religious, aesthetical or medicinal importance, or simply trees that are exceptional in some way. They then describe the trees & illustrate them - a fascinating book.
SA Combretum & Terminalia identification guide   Steyn, M   1997  ISBN 9780620219334
 US$ 3.00 postage 5.00
  32pp, all col. ill.
SA Ficus - identification guide for wild figs in South Africa   Steyn, M   1995  ISBN 0620199059
 US$ 3.00 postage 5.00
  32pp, all colour photos, 23 species described & fully illustrated (incl fruits, leaves etc).
SAPPI Tree Spotting: Cape From Coast to Kalahari   Thomas, V et al   2008  ISBN 9781770090828
 US$ 18.00 postage 15.00
  416pp, new publication on trees & shrubs of the Cape region, lavishly illustrated with photos & paintings, keys, germination & cultivation info, medicinal uses, etc. Extremely useful book.
SAPPI Tree Spotting: Highveld and the Drakensberg   Thomas, V & R Grant   1998  ISBN 1919777857
 US$ 11.00 postage 12.00
  306pp, all col. ill. by J van Gogh,
SAPPI Tree Spotting: Kwazulu-Natal & Eastern Cape   Thomas, V & R Grant   2004  ISBN 1770090385
 US$ 16.00 postage 12.00
  315pp, simple terminology, lavishly illustrated with paintings & photos, lots of info on identification, cultivation, uses, etc.
SAPPI Tree Spotting: Kwazulu-Natal ( Coast and Midlands)   Grant, R & V Thomas   1998
 US$ 12.00 postage 17.00
  414pp, col. ill. by J van Gogh, easy to use identification guide with many photos and paintings.
Sixty-six Transvaal Trees   de Winter, B & M, D Killick   1966
 US$ 8.00 postage 10.00
  175pp, introduction to some of the trees of the Transvaal, identification key, maps, many illustrations in bl/wh & col.
Some Observations on the Genus Commiphora in South and South-West Africa   de Winter, B   1968
 US$ 1.00 postage 2.00
  12pp, a key to the SA species, line drawings of the leaves, b'w photos of some species.
South African Flowering Trees - a botanical adventure through history   Wood, R   2013  ISBN 9780987029355
 US$ 25.00 postage 17.00
  221pp, covers 25 beautiful flowering trees, giving a history of the trees, descriptions, their uses, how they grow, illustrated by watercolour paintings by Millicent Frean, line drawings by Sandie Burrows.
Southern Cape Forests and Trees   von Breitenbach, F   1974  ISBN 0621005967
 US$ 29.00 postage 19.00
  328pp, descriptions of forest types in SA, fauna & flora of the forests, lists of trees plus descriptions and many illustrations.
Southern Cape tree guide   von Breitenbach, F   1985  ISBN 0621097411
 US$ 6.00 postage 5.00
  114pp, b/w ill., line dwgs, leaf key.
Tabernaemontana Vol 1 - The Old World Species   Leeuwenberg, A   1991
 US$ 41.00 postage 6.00
  205pp, revision of the Old World species, includes line drawings, maps and keys for identification of all species.
The indigenous Palms of Southern Africa   Wicht, H   1969
 US$ 24.00 postage 7.00
  62pp, black & white photos plus descriptions of 5 species, information on cultivation, rarely seen book.
The South African Acacias   Carr, J   1976
 US$ 51.00 postage 16.00
  323pp, many black & white illus, some col photos. Long out of print.
Tree list of the Soutpansberg   Hahn, N   1994  ISBN 0620183578
 US$ 8.00 postage 6.00
  142pp with extensive bibliography & index.
Trees & Shrubs Mozambique   Burrows, J; Burrows, S; Lotter, M & Schmidt, E   2018  ISBN 9780992240370
 US$ 99.00 postage 27.00
  1114pp, reference book on over 1770 species of trees and shrubs, complete with historical notes, overview of vegetation types and useful identification keys to families, genera and species
Trees of Central Africa   Coates Palgrave, K   1957
 US$ 62.00 postage 28.00
  466pp, a beautifully illustrated book with black & white photographs & colour paintings for each species described, information on traditional uses of the trees. Binding of book slightly damaged.
Trees of Natal   Moll, E   1992  ISBN 0799214280
 US$ 13.00 postage 11.00
  542pp, 2nd ed, line dwgs, maps, over 800 spp, regional field guide.
Trees of Natal   Moll, E   1981  ISBN 0799204102
 US$ 13.00 postage 11.00
  567pp, 1st edition, line dwgs, maps, over 700 spp described, regional field guide. One copy for R80.
Trees of Southern Africa   Palgrave, K   2002  ISBN 9781868723898
 US$ 37.00 postage 22.00
  Rev.ed., revised by Meg Coates Palgrave, 1212pp, col ill, line dwgs, maps, comprehensive work.
Trees of Southern Africa   Palmer, E & Pitman, N   1972
 US$ 218.00 postage 44.00
  2235pp in 3 volumes, the first 300 pages include information on distribution & uses of trees (medicinal, food, etc). All known native SA trees are then described & illustrated with black & white photos. All volumes are signed by Eve Palmer.
Trees of the Garden Route - Mossel Bay to Storms River   Venter, E   2012  ISBN 9781920217204
 US$ 15.00 postage 10.00
  248pp, an easy tree guide with a unique very visual key, 110 trees with many colour photos.

Zambian Guides

Field Guide to the trees & shrubs of the Miombo Woodlands   Smith, P & Q. Allen   2004  ISBN 9781949677201
 US$ 35.00 postage 7.00
  176pp, 60 of the most common trees & shrubs are illustrated & described, including maps, uses of plants & ecology