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The Cape Orchids: A regional monograph of the orchids of the Cape Floristic Region Volumes 1 and 2

Sowing instructions:
Sowing times for all species have been inserted into the catalogue. At the end of each description it will say "Sow Sp", or "Sow Au". These instructions pertain to South African conditions. The plants marked "Sow Sp" are summer growing from the summer rainfall area and they usually require a drier resting period in winter. These species are best sown in late spring to midsummer when conditions are warmer. The plants marked "Sow Au" are from the Mediterranean winter rainfall area of the Cape. They grow in winter & usually need drier conditions in summer. For those of you who live in the higher latitudes (above 40) the plants marked "Sow Au" should probably be sown in early spring. However, remember that the majority of the species from our Mediterranean area need a marked temperature differentiation between day & night, (day 25C, night 8C) to trigger germination. Therefore do not try to germinate these seeds in a constant temperature hot or glass house. Sowing instructions are available for most of the seeds sold. If you require instructions, please ask for them with your order.


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