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NEW Books: We now showcase new and special books. Click here or on the "featured book" link.  You can now also print or download the entire book catalogue from the book pages.

NEW You can now browse and order from the entire catalogue by clicking the entire catalogue in categories link.  Or you may prefer the entire catalogue A-Z which lists the contents alphabetically.

NEW You can also download a PDF of the entire catalogue by clicking the download PDF catalogue in categories link.  If you prefer it listed alphabetically, click the download PDF catalogue A-Z link.

NEW You can also print the entire catalogue to your browser by clicking the catalogue in categories link.  If you prefer it listed alphabetically, click the catalogue A-Z link.

To print sections of the catalogue, please search by categories or descriptions first, and then print the catalogue.

The catalogue is divided into categories, for example: Annuals, Perennials, Trees and Shrubs, Bulbs, Succulents and so on. If you choose a particular category, you will be able to browse through all the plants listed in that group.

If you are looking for a specific plant and you know the family it belongs to, you can narrow down your search by clicking on family.

If you know the genus and species name of the plant, but not the family, then you can click on name and search for either the generic or the specific name. You can also use name to search for a plant that you are unsure of. For example, if you think the name is something like "viridi", then you can type "viridi" in the space, and you will be given a choice of names containing the letters "viridi".

You can also do a more detailed search based on the contents of the description field. You can for example search for "edible" or "yellow" or "Zone 8". Additionally you can limit your results to a particular category, and print the results.

At any stage you'll be able to view a key to abbreviations for the terminology, such as climate or seasons, that are used in the description of plants.

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